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Kingsland Compact65 One Only New KINGSLAND HYDRAULIC IRONWORKER Model Compact65 (One operator utilization) Five Work Stations at the turn of a knob and flanges of channel and joists *With additional tooling, ability to punch large holes up to 4" *Removable table block for punching flanges of channel or Beam can be punched up to 1 1/2" max. capacity. bending unit-tube notching 2) SECTION CUTTING STATION for round and square bar. 3) ANGLE CUTTING STATION this station provides large capacity angle x 5/8". A plate support table with adjustable stops is fitted to allow accurate and easy feeding. 5) RECTANGULAR NOTCHING UNIT with adjustable 4 edge blades. All XA models are standard delivered with a 39" ruled length stop adjustable for (2),(3), (4). STANDARD FEATURES *Adjustable repetition support tables with stops, at Shearing/ punching/notching station. *Hydraulic pressure inching allows the machine to be stopped at any position, enabling safe and accurate tool setting and work positioning. *Adjustable stroke length at all stations through limit switches at both ends of the machine. *Central on shot lubrication system. *Blades, made of high grade tool steel (D2), have four cutting edges, (permits for regrinding ) giving clean cuts without burr. *Safety guards at all work stations. *Overload protection through high pressure relief valve *Easily adjustable, sturdy hold down at each work station. *Two remote foot pedals. *Solid, robust engineered machine frame. *Instruction manual and spare parts list. *Filled oil tank *Service tool kit *One year warranty on parts excl. knives and consumables. OPTIONAL FUNCTIONS To fit on punching station *Bar bending unit 6" x 1/2" *Multi-V sheet bending N/A *Tube notching max. O.D. tube 3 1/4" To fit the section station *Channel and I bean blades maximum 4" x 2" *T beam blades maximum 3" x 3/8" To fit the notching station *V-notch unit *Punching unit maximum 4 3/8" throat Standard equipment and accessories as listed below, Suitable for operation on 575V/3 ph/60 Hz supply *One set round punch & die 7/8" diameter. Easy change punch holder, ring and adaptors. Swing away punch stripper with simple thumb screw adjustment. Universal die bolster for punching of flats, angle and flanges of Channel and I beam *Blades for cropping angle. Blades for cropping round and square bar. Blades for shearing flat bar. Blades for rectangular notching station *Punch support table c/w back gauge and side stops. Notch support table c/w stops Shear support table and squaring guide *Adjustable hold down for shear, angle and section stations. Shielded foot pedal control to both punch & shear ends. Power inching and adjustable stroke. Automatic overload relief hydraulic system 5.5 HP electric I.P. 44 class 'F' T.E.F.C. motor. Starter, isolator and inch switch controls. Low volt electrical control circuit. Comprehensive safety guards to all work stations Complete service tool kit. Maintenance/instruction manual C/W parts list 39" ruled length stop. Full oil tank TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION KINGSLAND 65 XA PUNCHING Rated capacity 65 Short tons Max. Capacities 1 1/16" hole in 5/8" Diameter x thickness 1 1/2" hole in 7/16" Maximum stroke length 2 1/8" Speed over 3/4" travel 52 (26 cycles) Largest hole to be punched 4" Maximum section flange punch 4" Standard throat depth 8 5/8" Working height 37" SHEARING Flat bar 8" x 3/4" Alternatively 12" x 5/8" Blade length 12 1/2" Angle flange trim 3 1/8" leg x 3/8" Working height 37" ANGLE CUTTING At 90 Degrees 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 1/2" At 45 Degrees 3 1/8" x 3 1/8" x 5/16" Working height 44 3/4" SECTION CUTTING Round or square bar 1 9/16"- 1 3/8" Channel/I beam 4" x 2" Tee 3" x 3/8" NOTCHING Material thickness 3/8" Width 1 5/8" Depth Vee-Rect 2 3/8"-4" Angle flange 4" x 3/8" Working height 37" Dimensions Motor + voltage 5.5 HP-575V/3ph/60Hz Approx. weight 2,948 Lb Machine dimensions 59 1/2" x 23 1/4" x 62" F.O.B. Toronto

Tonnage65 T
Power5.5 hp
Dimensions59.5" x 23.25" x 62"
Weight2,948 lbs

4) shearing unit for flat bars: max 8" x 3/4", alternatively 12" Cutting at 90 degree. special feature: 45 Degree mitre cutting. 1) 65 ton punching station for punching: plate flat bars, angle Hp: 5.5 Throat depth: 8 5/8" Sh ang ir 90: 4X4X1/2 Tons: 65