Industrial Machinery Exchange Inc., offers a full range of NEW & USED MACHINERY to the metalworking industry. Search our database for information on our current inventory. Cannot find what you are looking for, we can source new & used machinery with our extensive network of contacts, we can quickly locate the equipment you are looking for. Used equipment and products especially locating large CNC machinery is a specialty at which we excel with our quality list of international and local contacts.


Industrial Machinery Exchange Inc., can also turn your Surplus Machinery & Assets to cash. We can get you cash for your equipment or take trade-ins to minimize your capital outlay for late model machines. We will supply you with quality machinery to match your budget, either new, used and/or rebuilt. We can also dispose of your surplus machinery for the best price Internationally. We can liquidate entire plants or sell your surplus equipment.

Through our client base, contact list and international network, we maintain an ongoing "Waiting List" for good used machinery.

• Sourcing for the acquisition or disposal of a specific piece of equipment
• Our international computer network spans the globe
• 150,000 computerized company contacts in North & South America, Asia and Europe
• Effective telemarketing, internet and fax search for sources and buyers