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2015 Magnum-Cut VM-4S 1 Only New Magnum-Cut CNC Vertical Mill Model 4VS Weight; 3,200 Lbs. Vertical Way, Meehanite Castings, One Shot Lubrication System Front and Rear Way Covers, Precision Ball Screws and Nuts, Fold away Saddle Handles for X & Y axis, Capable of Manual Operation FAGOR CNC 8055i MC CNC CONTROL FEATURES The Fagor 8055i MC for Machining Centers. Boring Mills and Milling Machines belong to a New Generation of CNC's providing highly interactive ICON BASED PROGRAMMING with unique features like INTUITIVE OPERATION which requires no prior programming knowledge, INTERACTIVE GRAPHICS INTERFACE, MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC OPERATIONS based on a typicalmiling operation requiring minimum set up timefor any type run. The CNC is just as simple to use as a conventional mill. 11" L.C.D. Monitor USB Port & RS232 Communications Port 8055i MC provides unique concept of ONE OPERATION, ONE SCREEN using separate Icon keys,, i.e. any milling operation can be defined on a single interactive screen, including roughing and finishing cycle making it ideal for SMALL AND MEDUIM PRODUCTION RUNS FULL G-CODE PROGRAMMING with powerful help screen making it ideal for LARGE PRODUCTION RUNS MAGNUM CUT4V VERTICAL MILLING MACHIN WITH 5 HP. SPINDE MOTOR & FAGOR 8055i - MC 3 - AXIS CNC CONTROL Cont'd FAGOR CNC 8055i - MC CNC CONTROL FEATURES THE FOLLOWING Each milling operation can be defined using a separate key and provides many levels depending on the parts geometry, e.g. Face Milling, Groovong, Rectangular/Round Boss, Circular Pockets (2 levels), Simple Pocket, Profile pocket 2D & 3D, Circular/Grid/Random Pattern, Drilling, offering INTUITIVE OPERATION WITH NO PRIOR PROGRAMING KNOWLEDGE. Provides "Profile Editor" functon, which allows defininngg a program straig ht from the blue print like mini Cam System. he control automatically generates "G" codes SOLID GRAPHICS can be simulated during any mode, allowing yu to view the part in solid graphics before machining The control is always working in the INTERACTIVE TEACH MODE i.e. in anyt mode; Actual Machine Position, Tool No., Spindle Parameters, etc., are available on the screen. You can even change from bi-directional milling on "X" to bidirectional milling on "Y" with one keystroke in this highly interactive operation interface. In conventional mode each program is saved as a combination of various operations like Milling,Drilling, Tapping,Pockets etc. /From a program a SPECIFIC OPERATION CAN BE MODIFIED AND RUN SEPARATELY, without running the complete program. TOOL OFFSET CALIBRATION IS SIMILAR RO A CONVERSATIONAL MACHINE. All you have to do is palce the part, provide the tool dimensions (diameter) and bring the tool in until it touches the part. The CNC then picks up all data automatically. Built in diagnostics function for EASY TROUBLE SHOOTING. The internal control voltages and the internal/external signals can be easily viewed therough built in PLS & LOGIN ANALYZER. Fagor 8055i MC CNC CONTROL (3 AXIS) OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Air Operated Power Drawbar Included Coolant Syatem Included Coolant/Chip Pan Included H.S.T Extra 1 day of Fagor training included WARRANTY Parts- all non wearing mechanical and electrical PARTS carry a ONE YEAR GARANTEE against defects in materail and workmanship. LABOR is provided for ONE YEAR "ON SITE" labor is provided for machine delivered within 50 km's of Toronto office. Travel time and milage beyond 50 km's are not included in our Warranty and is Buyers Responsibility.


Fob: TORONTO Bring,tappng,reaming,center p: uch, hreading,Profiig (2 levels0 etc, henc C/w: Hardened & Ground Table Surface, Hardened & Ground Cross and Electrics: 575 V/3/60 Hydro Approved Tilts front/back: 45 degrees Head swivels: 90 degrees Quill travel: 5" (4.25" when Z axis is with CNC) Spindle speed(variable): 60-4000 rpm Spindle motor: 5 hp Spindle taper: ISA 40 Knee travel: 15" Table: 10"X54" Control: ISA 40 Z travel: 15" Y travel: 15" X travel: 32" Table size: 10"X54"