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HYD MECH DM 10 1 Only NEW Hyd Mech Bandsaw Model |MODEL| Technical Specifications Capacity Rectangular (h x w) Round Square 90 9 1/2h x 11h 10h 9h 45 Left 8 1/4h x 7h 7 1/4h 7h 30 Left 5h x 4 1/2h 4 1/2h 4 1/2h 45 Right 6 1/4h x 4 1/2h 5 3/4h 5h Blade Size 1h x 9f 8h Coolant Tank Capacity 3.5 Gallons Blade Drive 2/2.5 HP Machine Weight 970 lbs. Machine Voltage 575 v Table Height 34h Blade Speed Two speed . 165-325 SFM Dimensions (w x l x h) 28h x 65h x 58h Standard Machine Features . Manually operated easy swing, cast saw head . Quick release cast-iron vise with dovetail ways . Rotating table with cut line . Band tension indicator . Manual gravity head feed . Replaceable blade brush . Small footprint . Robust steel base . Easy to read angle scale . Adjustable guide arm . Replaceable carbide guide inserts . Mechanical blade tensioning . Safety door interlocks . Flood coolant . Work stop Optional Machine Features . Mist lubrication . Pneumatic vise with foot pedals to high blade speed only) . R2 Work stop for K110 table . K110 5f infeed/out feed roller . Adaptor Plate for K110 table Double Miter Band Saw DM-10 with standard machine features $1,700 Step one . select options Mist lubrication system $1,500 Pneumatic vise with foot pedal $1,500 Single phase $ 800 Step two . select conveyors HYDMECH designs and manufactures material handling systems for heavy-duty industrial applications. We can build to your custom specifications or provide a turnkey engineered solution. K110 5f in feed/ out feed roller table (240 lb./roller capacity) $1,000 K110 R2 work stop (must purchase K110 table separately) $1,300 K110 roller table support stands $ 200 Adapter plate $ 175 It is not to be used in conjunction with the 24h work stop. If gauging is required on the K110 out feed roller table, you must purchase the R2 work stop. Saw Blade, LENOX,"Classic", 9'8"x 1" $ 42.90 Saw Blade, LENOX,"RX+", 9'8" x 1" $ 44.10 (Lenox RX+ blades can provide up to 3 times the Blade Life of Standard blades in structural steel tubing and bundle applications) Sawing Fluid, Genuine LENOX, "BAND-ADE" 5 Gallon container, Water Soluble $ 110.00 Thank]you for the opportunity to offer you this machine. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you desire any further information, we would welcome the opportunity to F.O.B. YOUR TRUCK


Validity of offer: 30 days Warranty: One year parts from date of delivery. Delivery time: t.b.a. Taxes: HST extra where applicable Note: Adaptor plate acts as a bridge between the K110 out feed roller table. (note: allows for high blade speed only) . single phase (note: limits user Speed: 165 / 325 SFM Blade: 1" x 9'8" Capacity: 9"sq / 10" rd