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TOS W 100 A With reference to our recent conversation, we would like to submit the following quotation for your consideration. ] 1 Only New "TOS" HORIZONTAL BORING MILL, TABLE TYPE MODEL W 100 A In inch performance with standard equipment and operating on 575/3/60 electrical supply. -Precision positioning of rotary table, (4 x 90 deg) by optical projection-type reading equipment -Power operated tool clamping (MUN) -Cross and longitudinal slide surface covered with plastic -Guideways of bed and slide are lined with hardened steel strip inserts -Speeds of faceplate and spindle may be either in conjunction or independent of each other -Central lubrication of guideways -Sliding telescopic guards (in selected areas) -Thread cutting attachment for 18 metric and 18 Whitworth threads Coolant system attachment Built-in faceplate Set of service tools Operation and maintenance instruction manuals Spindle mm }inch Diameter 100 }3.93" Taper ISO 50 Out travel 900 }35.43" Max. diameter of face turning 900 }35.43" Spindle speeds - Number 23 - Range 7.1 to 1120 rpm Faceplate speeds - Number 16 - Range 7.1 to 224 rpm Faceplate diameter 600 }23.62" Table and Travels mm }inch Clamping surface 1250x1250 }49.21x49.21" Travels - cross 1600 }62.99" - longitudinal 1250 }49.21" - vertical 1120 }44.09" Maximum weight of workpiece 3000kg }6614 lb. Feeds Cross, longitudinal, vertical and spindle - number (per revolution) 32 - range (per revolution) 02-12 }0.0008-0.4724 - number (per minute) 18 - range (per minute) 18-900 }0.708-35.43 - rapid traverse (per minute) 2800 }110.24 Facing head - number (per revolution) 32 - range (per revolution) 0.02-12 }0.0008-0.4724 - rapid traverse (per minute) 2800 }110.24 Motors Main drive 11 kW }15 hp Boring bar support drive 0.55 kW }0.75 hp General Data Dimensions - length 5850 }230.31 - width 3000 }118.11 - height 3000 }118.11 Floor space - length 6710 }264.17 - width 3000 }118.11 Weight of machine 14000kg }30865 lb. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Pricing available upon request FP40/100 Vertical milling head TD50/100 Telescopic toolholder VP100 Guiding spindle support SP100 Clamping spindle support RZ100 Set of change gears for inch thread cutting UU800 Clamping angle plate (800h x 320w x 500d) UU950 Clamping angle plate (950h x 500w x 500d) UU1120 Clamping angle plate (1120h x 320w x 600d) UU1450 Clamping angle plate (1450h x 500w x 650d) UK500 Clamping cube (500h x 500w x530d) PCP100 Pendant control panel OBS100 Outboard support (tailstock) LLK150/80 Boring bar support bushing LLK150/100 Boring bar support bushing KM/W/100 Anchoring material *Option pricing subject to change. FOUNDATION (If required) If the machine requires a foundation,upon placement of order, supply necessary drawings to the customer so that the foundation may be prepared and other required work done prior to arrival of machine. The foundation is not included in the price of the machine. INSTALLATION (If required) The customer is required to supply crane service, inclusive of operator; riggers; men to unpack and clean components; and assistance in erecting and minor shop fitting. A satisfactory work area, power and shop air are also required. It is the customer's responsibility to furnish necessary materials and electricians for connecting external power source to machine. Varsdorf factory technician(s) will, with the assistance of the customer, install the machine, and provide start-up instructions. This comprises normal working hours & daily allowance. The total time and cost depends on the customer's co-operation and the facilities he provides. Transportation and accommodation of the technician(s) are not included in the price of the machine. Any additional operator training or programming beyond that provided for, will be an extra charge. *Digital Readout Information available upon request.


Fob: Toronto Plant Z travel: 49.21" Y travel: 44.09" X travel: 62.99" Table size: 49"SQ Capacity: 3.93"