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2019 Re Tos W 100 AR 1 Only TOS Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill MODEL W 100 A - REFURBISHED In metric performance with standard equipment FEATURES: -4 linear axes, rotary table -facing head with tool slide -machine designed for piece and low-volume engineering production -power operated tool clamping (MUN), ISO 50 taper -Speeds of faceplate and spindle may be either in conjunction or independent of each other GROUP GUIDANCE -guideways on all linear axes are grinded,counterways casted by plastic -guideways on bed and saddle are reinforced with hardened steel plastic -guideways of rotary table and facing head are scrapped LUBRICATION -HYTOS lubrication set -central, time powered by PLC in electric cabinet -lubricates X,Y,Z,W,B axes -U axis lubricated by grease nipples CLAMPING -X,Y,Z,W,B axes-manually by levers HEADSTOCK -sliding workspindle + facing head -motorized tool clamping ISO 50 -asynchronous motor for driving of spindle speed and of feeds of all groups -spindle speed and feeds driven by mechanical lines-gears -mechanical shifting of spindle speed and feeds -most of controls placed on headstock -headstock balancing-chain and counterweight led in column ENERGY DISTRIBUTION -IGUS chain energy carriers COVERAGE OF MACHINE bed guideways between column and saddle partly protected by telescopic way cover CE -Comprehensive safety elements according to applicable legislation and technical standards -operator cover on headstock-must be ordered (hand wheel, stairs to the headstock) -working area of the machine fenced off-up client request VOLTAGE OPTION -60Hz - 3x575V STANDARD EQUIPMENT: *Coolant system attachment *Built-in faceplate *Set of service tools *Operation and maintenance instruction manuals MACHINE PARAMETERS -Work spindle diameter 100 -Clamping taper 50 ISO -Spindle speed range - 23 gears 7,1-1120 rpm -Main motor power 11 kW -Speed of main motor 1460 rpm -Maximum torque of the spindle-Nmin 3350 Nm -Maximum torque of the spindle-Nmax 78,5 Nm -X...transversal travel of table 1600 mm -Z...longitudinal travel of table 1250 mm (with/without outboard support) -Y...vertical travel of headstock 1120 mm -W...spindle stroke 900 mm -Table clamping surface 1250 x 1250 mm x mm -Table loading capacity 3000 kg -Width of T-slots 23 H8 mm -Centering hole diameter / depth 180H6 /6 mm -Feeds...X,Y,Z,W,U -18 gears 18 -900 mm/min -Feeds...X,Y,Z,W,U -32 gears 0,02 -12 mm/rev -Thread feeds...X,Y,Z,W,U 0,25 -12 mm/rev metric - 18 gears -Rapid traverse...X,Y,Z,W,U 2800 mm/min -Rapid traverse of table rotation...B 1 rpm -Total power consumption 15 kVA -Machine weight 14000 kg -Total area including CE-aprox 5000x7500 mmxmm FACING HEAD PARAMETERS -Facing head diameter 600 mm -Centering hole diameter/depth 280H6 /8 mm -U...tool slide travel 210 mm -Maximal facing diameter 900 mm -Facing head speed range - 16 gears 7,1-224 rpm OPTIONAL ACCESORIES- pricing at client request -Outboard support ( Tailstock ) -PVD 100-550 spindle guiding support -SP 100 spindle clamping support -FP40-100 rectangular milling head -UFP40-100 universal milling head -Change gear kit for thread cutting Machine design can be tailored to suit the needs of the client

Dimensions5000mm x 7500 mm
Weight14,000 kg.