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TOS WHQ105 530 With reference to your recent request, we would like to submit the following quotation for your consideration. One New WH(Q) 105 CNC HORIZONTAL BORING MILL (with Heidenhain iTNC 530) Complete with standard equipment, operating on North American electrical supply and equipped with "HEIDENHAIN" iTNC 530 control. The WH105 CNC is a numerically controlled horizontal boring mill equipped with the new "HEIDENHAIN" iTNC 530 control. The machine is intended for precision drilling, milling and boring operations. Also available with automatic tool changer under denomination WHQ 105 CNC. *Heidenhain iTNC 530 control with BF150, 15.1" color display *Heidenhain linear scales X,Y,Z axes *"SIEMENS" 28 kW (38 hp) AC main drive w/ "SIEMENS" regulator *"SIEMENS" independent AC feed digital-servo drives for X, Y, Z, W linear axes and positioning of rotary table *Positioning of the spindle - C axis *Nitrated work spindle and hollow spindle *Headstock with two hydraulically controlled mechanical steps *Automatic lubrication of the headstock and guideways *Hollow spindle fitted in precision angular contact ball bearings *Bed and column guideways protected by sliding telescopic guards *Balancing of headstock by counterweight *All linear guideways hardened, counter guideways lined with low friction plastic, Z axis equipped with a combination of low friction plastic and linear roller bearings, W axis -hardened hollow and work spindle precisely fitted *Rotary table circular way is cast iron *Ball screws on all linear axes, gear ring & pinion on rotary table *Hydraulic clamping on Y and B axes *Control panel on swing arm "HEIDENHAIN" iTNC 530 CONTROL DESCRIPTION *4 controllable linear axes (X, Y, Z, W) plus spindle (C axis) and rotary table (B axis) positioning HARDWARE *MC 422 main computer *CC 422 controller unit *TE 420 keyboard unit *TFT color flat-panel display BF 150 with 15.1 inches with soft keys *Built-in 6 GB hard disk as program memory *Electronic Handwheel HR 410 expanded data interface with LSV2 protocol for remote operation of the iTNC 530 through the data interface with the HEIDENHAIN software TNCremo, fast Ethernet interface 100BaseT manual and automatic operation, corded or infrared transmission SPECIFICATIONS spindle revolutions programmed directly in RPM, spindle positioning in 0.1 degrees *Axis feedback control spikes during circular movements, thermal expansion. Stick-slip friction. USER FUNCTIONS Cartesian or polar coordinates, dimensions absolute or incremental, display and entry in mm or inches, display of handwheel traverse when machining wit handwheel superimposition radius-compensated contour look ahead for up to 99 blocks (M120), three-dimensional tool radius compensation for changing tool data without having to recalculate an existing program *Tool tables *Cutting data tables for automatic calculation of spindle speeds and feed rates from tool-specific data (cutting speed, feed per tooth) *Parallel operation - creating programs with graphic support while another program is being run through surface normal vectors, Tool Center Point Management (TCPM), keepin the tool normal to the contour, tool radius compensation normal to the direction of traverse and tool, spine interpolation circle radius, tangentially connecting circular arc, corner rounding *Contour approach and departure: via straight line: tangential or perpendicular, via circular arc *FK free contour programming - FK free contour programming in HEIDENHAIN plain language with graphic support for workpiece drawings not dimensioned for NC subprogram conventional and rigid tapping, for milling inside and outside threads, Roughing and finishing rectangular and circular pockets, for clearing level and inclined surfaces, for milling straight and circular slots, circular an linear point patterns, Contour pockets - also with contour-parallel machining, Contour train, capability to make own cycles factor (axis-specific) *Q parameters - Programming with variables error messages; graphical support for programming cycles; comment blocks in the NC program *Actual position capture - actual positions can be transferred directly into the NC program *Graphic simulation before a program run, even while another program is running *Programming graphics - in the Programming and Editing mode of operation, the contour of the NC blocks is drawn on screen while they are being entere (2-D pencil-trace graphics), even while another program is running *Graphic simulation during real-time machining *Calculation of machining time in the Test Run operating mode; Display of the current machining time in the program run modes returning the tool to the calculated nominal position to continue machining program interuption, contour departure and reapproach *Datum tables *Pallet tables *"HEIDENHAIN" iTNC 530 control system *"HEIDENHAIN" Handwheel HR 410 *PVK 105-250 spindle support *15 pull studs (customer to specify type) *Spindle taper brush *Work lights *Set of service tools *Operation and maintenance instruction manual *Anchoring material KM 105 *Coolant system attachment mm inch SPINDLE Diameter 105 4.13 Taper ISO 50 Speeds "R" headstock version 10-3300 rpm Drive 28 kW 38.1 hp Max. spindle torque "R" headstock version 924 Nm 681 ft-lb TRAVELS Table cross travel, X 1800 70.87 Headstock vertical travel, Y 1250 49.21 Headstock vertical travel, Y (option) 1600 62.99 Table longitudinal travel, Z 1250 49.21 Work spindle travel, W 630 24.80 Min distance spindle C/L to table clamping surface 0 TABLE Size 1400x1400 55.12x55.12 Size (option) 1400x1600 55.12x62.99 Maximum load 5000 kg 11023 lb. T slots-dimension/pitch/number 22/160/9 0.87/6.3/9 Center hole diameter 100 3.94 FEEDS W axis (per min.) 8000 315 B axis (per min.) 2 rpm Z, W axes 20 kN 4409 lb. Clamping strength on B axis on diameter 500 mm (19.7") 16 kN 3527 lb. GENERAL DATA Length 5367 222 Width 4280 169 Height 3667 145 W electro cabinet 4280x6690 169x264 Total machine power input 52 kVA volume 18 l/sec 0.65cu.ft/sec Weight 17600 kg 38800 lb. F.O.B. Toronto OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT *AUTOMATIC TOOL CHANGER *Tool storage capacity 40/60/80/120 tools adjacent locations vacant 320 12.6 Maximum tool length 500 19.68 Maximum tool weight 25 kg 55 lb. Maximum tool weight (total) 750 kg 1670 lb. Magazine pocket pitch 130 5.12 Tool change time (average) 20 sec Weight of tool changer and magazine 1500 kg 3304 lb. (Customer to specify type of tooling) LD650 FACING HEAD (U axis) *For face turning, external and internal cylindrical and conical machining *Feed of the slide (U axis) is derived from spindle travel (W axis) via a *Feed of the slide may be programmed by calling the W axis *Machining possible with spindle, when slide retracted and tool holder removed *Can be used with ATC Facing head diameter 650 25.59 Slide travel 170 6.69 Maximum facing head speed 150 rpm Facing head speed with work spindle operation 200 rpm Maximum face turning diameter 1000 39.37 Boring diameter range 300-1000 11.81-39.37 Accuracy (on diameter 500mm - 20") 0.063mm 0.0025 Weight 200 kg 441 lbs HF50A MILLING HEAD *Enables milling operations on diversely slanted surfaces parallel to the spindle axis *Setting done manually into any angle within full circle around the spindle axis *Automatic tool clamping (tool is hold in spindle taper mechanically by set of Belleville springs, releasing is done hydraulically, operated by push button) *Designed for through spindle coolant supply *Equipped with 5 pull studs (customer to specify type) Spindle face diameter 128.57 5.06 Taper ISO 50 Range of head's setting 360 degree Maximum permitted speed 1800 rpm Maximum spindle torque 1500 Nm 1105.5 ft-lb Maximum power on spindle 20 kW 27.2 hp Distance spindle C/L to the machine hollow spindle face 400 15.75 Weight 130kg 287 HUR50 UNIVERSAL MILLING HEAD *Enables milling operations on tilted or orthogonal oriented surfaces in respect of both planes of the head's swiveling *Setting done manually by rotating the relevant part of the head *Designed for through spindle coolant supply *Equipped with 5 pull studs (customer to specify type) Spindle face diameter 128.57 Taper ISO 50 Swiveling range (in both planes) 2 x +-180 degree Maximum permitted speed 3000 RPM Maximum spindle torque 1000 Nm 737 ft-lb Maximum power on spindle 20 kW 27.2 hp Distance spindle C/L to the machine hollow spindle face 654 25.75 Weight 300 kg 660 lb. OPTIONAL MACHINE VERSIONS PRICE Cdn$ *Headstock version "N" - 2300 RPM (must choose if ordering LD 650 facing head) N/C *Headstock version "R4" - 4000 RPM (oil cooling unit must be ordered) N/C *Machine with G.E. Fanuc 32i - Control System Upon request *Increased vertical travel "Y" to 1600 (62.99) *Increased table size 1400x1600 mm (55.12x63.00) ATC 105/40 *Automatic tool changer with tool magazine for 40 tools ATC 105/60 *Automatic tool changer with tool magazine for 60 tools *Operator protective sliding guard on the headstock *Working area closure - guard against unauthorized entry OC1501LA *Oil cooling unit (chiller)Recommended for 1600+RPM LD650 *Facing head LD650/Q *Facing head for ATC version HF50A *Vertical milling head HUR50 *Universal milling head CHOV 105 *Coolant through spindle c/w work area enclosure KVR105R *Chip conveyor UU800 *Clamping angle plate (800hx320wx500d) UU950 *Clamping angle plate (950hx500wx500d) UU1120 *Clamping angle plate (1120hx320wx600d) UK500 *Clamping cube (500hx500wx600d) TS220 *Touch Trigger Probe System P.O.R. TT120 *Tool Touch Probe System P.O.R. TS632 *Touch Trigger Probe System P.O.R. FOUNDATION The machine requires a foundation, Tos Varnsdorf will, upon placement of order, supply necessary drawings to the customer so that the foundation may be prepared and other required work done prior to arrival of machine. The foundation is not included in the price of the machine. INSTALLATION The customer is required to supply crane service, inclusive of operator; riggers; men to unpack and clean components; and assistance in erecting and minor shop fitting. A satisfactory work area, power and shop air are also required. It is the customer's responsibility to furnish necessary materials and electricians for connecting external power source to machine. Factory technician(s) will, with the assistance of the customer, install the machine, and provide start-up instructions. Transportation and accommodatin of the technician(s) are not included in the price of the machine. Any additional operator training or programming beyond that provided for, will be an extra charge. TERMS AND CONDITIONS F.O.B. Toronto, ONT Subject to prior sale. 60% before shipment 10% after installation, but no longer than 30 days from delivery at customer's site entirety to confirmation on receipt of order. herein are not binding in detail as we reserve the right to make further changes or improvements and incorporate them in our machines. In some cases conversion from metric to inch is based on machine capabilities and not actual mathematical conversion. Prices of optional equipment may be higher if purchased separately from the machine. WARRANTY only. Based on single shift daily with normal use and maintenance in accordance with a manual. Machine(s) must operate in workshop without influence of aggressive fumes and dust particles, with temperature ranging from +10 degrees to 40 degrees Celcius. To maintain required accuracy ambient temperature must not fluctuate more than +-2 degrees Celcius with air humidity of 70%. WARRANTY parts and labour would be covered if required at their facility. Customers responsibility if in a remote region, is to return parts in question, at their expense. MACHINE devices devices and equipment to safeguard the operator from harm for any particular use, operation or set up, and to adequately safeguard the machine or machines to Provincial, Federal, and Local Government Safety Standards and all Industrial Safety Standards. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Seller of and from any and all claims of Liabilities from accidents involving these machines caused by failure of user, his employees, and agents to follow these instructions, warnings, and recommendations available from the original manufacturer or by failure of user to comply with Provincial, Federal, and Local laws applicable to such equipment.


Safety: It is the user's responsibility to provide proper safety Dro/control: Warranty coverage varies with each manufacturer. Generally Machine: 1 year (12 months) from date of delivery on parts and labor Note: The specifications, features and descriptions contained Validity: This quotatin is valid for 30 days and is subject in its Terms: 30% with Purchase Order Taxes: G.S.T. extra, P.S.T. extra if applicable Delivery: From factory, approximately 4-5 months. To be confirmed. Backlash free gearing at the rate of 1: 1 Maximum tool diameter: fully loaded 125-150 4.92-5.90 Pressure air supply requirement: pressure 0.6 MPa 87 PSI Floor space required: W/O electro cabinet 4280x5367 169x222 Max feed load in: X, Y axes 15 kN 3307 lb. Rapid feeds: X, Y, Z axes (per min.) 10000 394 Working feeds: X, Y, Z, W axes (per min.) 2-5000 0.08-197 *returning to the contour: mid-program startup in any block in the program, *programming aids: pocket calculator; context-sensitive help functin for *coordinate transformations: datum shift, rotation, mirror image; scaling *fixed cycles: for drilling, peck drilling, reaming, boring, counterboring, *program jumps: subprograms, program section repeats, calling any program as *contour elements: line segment, chamfer, circular arc, circle center, *3-d machining: motion control with minimum jerk, 3-D tool compensation *tool compensation: tool radius in he working plane and tool length, *position data: nominal positions for straight lines and circular arcs in *programming: HEIDENHAIN conversational and as per ISO *error compensation: linear and nonlinear axis error, backlash, reversal *block processing time: 0.5ms *interpolation: straight line in 4 axes, circle in 2 axes, helix, spline *input range: maximum 99999.999 mm (3.937 inches) or 99999.999 degrees *input resolution and display step: 0.001mm or 0.0001" for angular axes, *tool touch probe (option): tool geometry measuring *touch probe (option): setting of workpiece datum, workpiece measuring in *data interfaces: One each RS-232-C/V.24 and RS-422/V.11 max. 115 Kb/s, Z travel: 49" Y travel: 49" X travel: 70" Table size: 55" SQ Capacity: 4.13"